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T-Shirt Design

Hand drawn t-shirt design for Heine Brothers' Coffee Company in Louisville, Kentucky. Heine Brothers' Coffee was created in 1994 in Louisville and has become a huge part of the city's community. To emphasize the longstanding relationship between the company and the city, a t-shirt design depicting coffee items as well as Louisville landmarks, celebrities, and other famous Louisville businesses and Kentucky associations was created. Each object was sketched individually on paper, then laid out and digitized in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

hand drawn black and white illustration of Louisville, Kentucky and its relationship with Heine Brothers' Coffee Company, featuring Louisville landmarks like the statue of David in front of 21c, Twig and Leaf, Kizito cookies, Najla's bakery, Butchertown Soda, Jim James, Slugger Museum, Muhammad Ali boxing glove
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