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Relief Prints

I've always been really interested in printmaking-- it's actually what I wanted to study in college, but the school I ended up going to didn't have a printmaking program so I put printmaking on the back burner for a while.

Lately I've gotten back into it and I am overwhelmed and in awe of how therapeutic and rewarding the process is. The attention to detail and concentration it requires helps me carve each movement with awareness and patience; it reminds me to take it slow and relish in the moment of making.

I began printmaking again with the intention of keeping the plates for myself, but then I couldn't resist giving them to friends as gifts as a little hello to remind them I am thinking of them even though we aren't able to see each other much in these strange times.

After that, I posted a few pictures of my process on Instagram and people started commissioning me to make prints for them. I had so much fun with it that now I welcome commissions! Sometimes they're a challenge, but that's what makes it so exciting-- I get to learn and readjust and evolve in the way I carve, ink, and print.

Here are some prints I have made recently and as a bonus, some of the first prints I ever made back in highschool-- shout out Mrs. Chandler at South Laurel High School! B-)

remake-print of Shepard Fairey's Make Art Not War design
1st ever print- a remake of Shepard Fairey's famous "Make Art Not War" design. Destroyed the plate because my teacher told me it's what real printmakers do and it made me feel very Bad Ass

an attempt at my own version of a Truism (Jenny Holzer)

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