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Far Away

I used to be a pretty heavy smoker when I started college. At the time, I lived in the dorms on campus so whenever I wanted to smoke I would have to smoke in my car. My best friend at college also smoked, so I spent most of my early college days in his car or my car, even if we were just sitting in them parked. Cars became a place of comfort for me, they felt like a little mobile home, especially because at the time I didn't really feel like I had a home; I had places that I had lived, or places that I could live if I needed to, but nowhere really felt like it was mine. But my car had that feeling.

I took these pictures in 2018 and have held on to them ever since. I always thought they were cool and showed movement nicely. I also have always been interested in hands, so I liked these images because of that too. And the fact that they were taken in a car adds a sentimental value.

I've been trying to put them into a piece in some way for years, but never really found the right opportunity for it/was never fully satisfied with the outcome.

I recently did a cover of Far Away by Emily Yacina and ended up using these images for the artwork.

I like the way this looks, but I think I'm gonna continue trying to work with the pictures in future pieces.

I've been thinking a lot about car mirrors in general lately, especially since the beginning of mask-wearing, as it is common for people to hang their masks on their rearview mirrors.

I'm sure this thought will show up somewhere in work of mine soon. For now, the above work is how it has manifested thus far.

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