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En Plein Air Painting at West Sixth Farm

I was happy to be one of 13 artists painting en plein air over a period of three hours at West Sixth Farm in Frankfort.

13 artists painted varying scenes around the farm while guided hikes and other events on the farm took place. The finished paintings were displayed in the West Sixth Lexington Taproom gallery and were sold to benefit Woods and Waters Land Trust.

Woods and Waters is an important organization that preserves and protects land and focuses on connecting people with nature in a wide variety of ways. I'm part of the Trust's Fundraising Committee and have been really grateful and excited to work with an organization that does such great work!

the West Sixth Farm bar dawg, the tree (my subject for the afternoon), and my set up.

I used some Open paints by Golden, which dry slower than usual acrylic paints, giving me more time to manipulate the paint while in the hot sun which usually dries paint pretty quickly.


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